Mums and Fall Products

Field of mums, asters, cabbage, kale, tricolor, and flower combos.


Chrysanthemums, or “mums”, are a flower that blooms in the autumn.  Over the years thousands of varieties have been developed, with different flower shapes, sizes, color, and bloom date.  Mums will typically bloom in the fall when triggered by either a lack of daylight or cool weather.   

Most often asked question: What can I do to get my mums to come back in the spring if I’m planting them in the fall?  Getting your mums to come back will depend on a few things.  Certain varieties are more vigorous than others, while the soil type, planting date, and location, also play an important role.  Mums grow best in a well-drained soil with plenty of organic matter.  They will have a higher chance of survival the earlier they are planted.  This will give the roots more time to grow deep into the soil to avoid being killed by the frost/freezing of the soil in the winter.  We have also seen more success with winter survival when the mums are planted close to the house with a southern exposure.  Try some of these tips next time you plant your mums to increase chances of them surviving the winter.

We grow these in 9” pots which typically finish 24”+ across with hundreds of buds.


Asters are also a fall flowering plant similar to the chrysanthemum.  The flowers of the aster can be a variety of different colors; although the most popular are blue, purple, and pink. 

 Asters are a hardier plant compared to the mum and people typically have more success with these overwintering.  Follow our tips above for increasing your chance of winter survival.

These are grown in 9” pots and typically finish 18 to 24” across.

Tricolor Mums

These mums are grown in 4 gallon containers to produce a very large planter with multiple colors.  The varieties are carefully chosen so that all the mums are uniform height and bloom at the same time.  

These planters are huge and finish at approximately 24”+ height and 36”+ across.

Aster Combos

Aster combos are a version of our tricolor mum planter but with purple and pink asters in a single 4 gallon container.  They finish slightly smaller than the tricolor planter.


We grow multiple other types of planters, containing millet, cabbage, kale, ornamental grasses, etc.  Contact us for more specific types and availability.