About Us

JP Sitko's Farm is owned by JP and Barbara Sitko.  JP grew up on a farm and had a passion for agriculture while Barbara always had an interest in plants and flowers. They both loved the idea of running a business and combined their interests and ideas to create JP Sitko’s Farm in 2009.  With nothing more than a few acres to start, they've continuously expanded by purchasing farm equipment, building barns, and acquiring additional land. Our success and constant growth is attributed to our customers. We are particular about all of our products and are glad to do whatever we can to help our customers. If you’re interested in finding out additional information we'd love to hear from you. Please click the "Contact Us" page for more information on how you can reach us. Check out our farm videos below, these were made to introduce our customers to ourselves and our operation. Enjoy...

JP Sitko's Farm - About Us

Check out our 2016 video!

Check out our 2017 video!